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Win Every Battle With This Warfriends Hack

Do you love war games and anything that is tactical? If you answered yes, then chances are that you are already hooked to the popular game called WarFriends. Electronic Arts, the brain behind this brilliant tactical game launched this game, on Jan 17th, 2017.

In less than two weeks into its launch, the game has already seen millions of players downloading it on to their PCs and mobile devices. This combat game lets you build your own squad with other friends and fight with other squads too. This is specifically designed for those who love combat games.

How to play WarFriends using Warfriends Hack?

The main aim of the game is that the players are required to train soldiers and help them fight battles. But since the battle happens in a modern set-up, drones, modern weapons and jets are used to make it more challenging.

It is a Freemium game but you will need to make in-app purchases if you want to improve your pot of gold or WarBucks. It is also a multi-player game and so you can team up with friends and go to combat together. There are two important resources that help you win your battle. They are,

  • Gold – With the help of gold you will be able to speed up the time required to train your troops. So you will be able to fight battles faster and better when you have enough gold.
  • Warbucks – Warbucks are similar to Gold, but when you have Warbucks you can buy more troops and weapons. Unlike Gold, you can earn Warbucks even if you lose a battle.

In addition to Gold and Warbucks, there is another resource called Medals which are awarded to you every time you win. These medals are what help you go up your rank in the game.

Why do you need to hack WarFriends?

When you play the combat game WarFriends, you will need to build your troops, train them and upgrade their weapons. All of these require the resources Gold and WarBucks. One way to earn these resources is to earn them by winning battles. But these take a lot of time and thereby will increase the time to train your troops. Also, it becomes increasingly difficult to earn the resources as you level up.

The game developers ensure that they earn their revenue for developing such an awesome game. That is why, they have in-app purchases that let you buy gold and Warbucks for real money. But when the game itself is free to play, you should not need to buy resources with money.

You can get free and unlimited resources with online hack tools which will give them to you at a click of a button, no questions asked. Though, you will find many fake online tools, we bring to you a 100% working tool that you can completely rely on. Thousands of users are already using our tool and are enjoying its benefits. If you are wondering how to hack WarFriends, then consider yourself lucky, as you have come to the right place.

What can you get from our WarFriends hack?

Our generator has been specifically designed for the WarFriends game lovers. We completely understand how the game works and know the importance of the various resources. Here are the resources that you can get with our hack tool

  • Gold – You can choose any number of gold coins that you require as this is the magical resource that help you win almost everything in the game
  • WarBucks – As with Gold, you can also choose any number of WarBuck resources as you want to strengthen your troops and level up in the game
How to use the WarFriends cheats?

 There are no complicated steps or files to download before you can start using our Warfriends cheat. In fact, your free and unlimited resources are just a few steps away. But we recommend that you also do the extra couple of steps to ensure the safety of your account.

We will never ask you to complete any boring surveys or make you click any clickbait advertisement that lands you in a totally irrelevant page. These are the hallmarks of a typical fake tool and you will not experience any of them here.

1 – Open our website in your web browser

2 – Enter your user name or email that you use to login to your Warfriends game

3 – Select the number of resources and the type of resources as Gold or WarBucks

4 – Click on the Start button

5 – Enable proxy and invisibility to protect your account from being detected by the game developers

Warfriends hack tool for iOS, Android and Windows

There is not a soul that does not own a smartphone these days. As we want everything from shopping to games to be available to us on the move, it is no surprise that many users play Warfriends on their mobile devices. The game was recently launched on the GooglePlay and the iTunes Appstore.

Our WarFriends hack tool has been specifically designed to be compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices. The procedure is no different whether you are playing your game on the computer or on your mobile device. All you need is a working internet connection and your game will be automatically updated with the amount of free Gold and WarBucks when you open the game on your device.

Why should you use our WarFriends generator?

If you try looking for a WarFriends hack tool on the internet, you will be bombarded with a zillion options, half of which either don’t work or are fake sites that land you in Clickbait. We are game lovers ourselves and programmers too, a combination that has resulted in the birth of a wonderful working tool which will always be free to use.

Features of our Warfriends Hack tool

Regular updates

Most often than not, many online hacks work very well for the initial few days and then completely stop working or slow down. This can be very frustrating especially if you are in the middle of the game and you expected your tool to be reliable. But our tool is regularly updated and our programmers makes regular tweaks to ensure an optimal performance at all times.

Easy to use Warfriends Hack

An ideal feature of a good hacking tool is that it should be user-friendly. We realize that even if a tool works well, if it is not easy to use, it can add up to your frustration. That is why, we made sure that you won’t need to make more than just a couple of clicks to make our tool work. It’s that simple!

Online tool

We do not believe in complicated programs and software applications that you need to download to obtain your free resources. Our tool is completely online and works entirely on our web platform and our servers. This means you devices are 100% protected from malicious software, adware and spyware. Additionally, there is no disk space that is necessary to use our tool. It doesn’t get better than this.

Fastest algorithm

As gamers, we know that speed is something you expect, be it your favorite Warfriends game or a hacking tool that will give you free and unlimited resources. Our experience programmers have designed an algorithm that is coded in PHP. This means you will get your free resources as quick as you can click that mouse button or the generate button.

The last thing you want is to be banned from your favorite game. We use private proxies and have designed our website to ensure that the hack tool is totally detection-proof. So the only thing on your mind should be how to level up in your game and enjoy all the free resources.

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