The Clash Royale Private Server For Android & iOS

The Clash Royale Private Server For Unlimited Fun

If you have loved playing the famous hit game, Clash of Clans then you will surely find it difficult to resist playing its better version, Clash Royale. This game has been developed by Supercell and it is inspired from Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is a game that requires you to strategically build your own set of deck versus the opponent’s deck.

The goal of Clash Royale is to defeat your opponent by destroying their towers. You need to do this within a time limit, but whoever can destroy the king’s tower first is the winner. If you are not able to destroy the king’s tower within 3 minutes there is a time extension of 1 minute so that one of the players can destroy the opponent’s crown tower.





About Clash Royale private server: 

It is easy and quick to join the Clash Royale private server. If you are new to it or not familiar with it, you might wonder what is the difference between the original server and a private server. Another question you might have is whether playing on a private server is different than on original server. But the fact is playing on the Clash Royale private server will give you a great experience and you will not miss anything from the original server.

The private server is run by game lovers and it gives you the option to get unlimited coins and gems. The best part is that you can get all this without spending a single penny. It is free and you do not need to work hard to collect all these goodies.

Why should you choose to play Clash Royale private server?

Using the Clash Royale private server is a decision that will give you an unmatched playing experience. You can get maximum benefits and resources without any extra effort. Joining a private server is simple and most importantly it is free.

You can get free resources like coins, gems and chests to buy all the cards you need to win. The Clash Royale private server works just like the official Clash Royale server and it is updated regularly to give you the best gaming experience.

It works on different systems such as Android and iOS. It is also compatible with a range of devices such as computers, laptops, phone and tablets. Now you don’t have a reason to remain without trying the Clash Royale private server for yourself.

How to use Clash Royale private server?

One of the best features of using the Clash Royale private server is its ease of use. You don’t need any superior technical knowledge to enjoy the gaming experience on it. It is well designed and very simple to use even for first time users.

To use the Clash Royale private server all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Click on the start button.
  1. Enter your basic details.
  2. Follow the simple steps and click the enter button.
  3. Now you will automatically be in the private server instead of the official server.

The best way to get unlimited resources cannot get any simpler to use. Try it now to make the most of your game.

Features of the Clash Royale private server:
  • Unlimited resources:

Getting unlimited gems, gold and chests is possible now when you play on the . You can also have unlimited clans and unlimited Elixir. It is easy to buy as many cards as you need.

  • Can be used on different operating systems:

Different operating systems should not get in the way when you decide to play Clash Royale. The design of the ensures a great experience whether you decide to play on an Android or iOS system.

  • Works on different devices:

Another great feature of the is the ability to play the game on different devices. Now you can easily play on a desktop, laptop, phone or tablet with equal ease.

  • Easy to use:

If you have just started playing any online game, you would know that it could get confusing for a first timer. The private server works just as the official server and it is uncomplicated to use.

Play as much as you want and that too for free. Now you don’t need to spend any money at all when you play on the . Unlimited resources are a great way to practice and get better at this much-loved game.

  • Auto update feature:

An advantage of using private servers is that they are updated automatically. You do not need to worry if you are playing using the latest technology. You can be assured of playing without any time lag at all.

With online games that require a download there is the fear of viruses, Trojans or spyware. This private server has been tested to be safe to use and enjoy.

Benefits of using Clash Royale private server:
  1. Unlimited play time:

When you are busy playing your favourite game online, running out of resources can be a dampener. It is also annoying to wait till those resources are refilled. Now to avoid all these situations, you should try the . You can play for an unlimited amount of time and with unlimited resources.

Unlimited resources:

Only with unlimited resources can you enjoy uninterrupted gaming fun. Playing at a can get you as many coins and gems as you need. You can also get unlimited chests to open and play non-stop.

Become an expert:

Playing more and more is the only way you can increase your level of expertise. When you have unlimited gems, you can get all the cards you need. You can reach your tasks much quicker and without any toiling or hard work.

Multi player options:

The fun of playing an online game increases manifold when you are competing with someone. If that someone is a friend, the game gets even more exciting. Just like playing on the original server, you can have clans, and have a friendly battle with your friend in the same clan as you.

Clash Royale Private Server designed for everyone and all devices:

More the number of people that can play a game online, the more popular it gets. The Clash Royale Private Server works flawlessly on both Android as well as iOS devices. Android users can easily download the . The best part about the is that the private servers are always kept updated.


This game is well designed and it has a user-friendly interface. Using the clash royale private server is a more tempting option than playing this game on the original clash royale server. It gives you the chance to play this game without any limits and this only helps you hone your skills. Unlimited coins and gems can easily help you change from an average player to a highly skilled player. Try the clash royale private server for an unmatched gaming experience.

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