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How does a CoC private Server help?

The whole concept of CoC private Server is gaining steady popularity among the online multiplayer game fans. This is because, instead of using the original game server when the player uses the private servers, it gives him a lot of benefits. One of the main one being the access to unlimited resources.

How many times have you tried hard to fight against a clan without the right amount of resources? How many times have you successfully dug out gold from the mines yet could not really use them due to lack of gold storage space? Any CoC fan would understand how revolutionary his fights could be if only he had access to unlimited gems. These are made possible with private servers.

The private servers, like the name indicates, are servers which are managed privately by an individual or a server provider. In the general cases when you download a game and directly play on the game in your mobile, you are using the game server allocated by the game developer. But when you install a private server app, you get to enjoy unlimited resources. The private server of mobile games are designed to give the gamer enough opportunities to do a lot more with the game.

With coc private server, you can accumulate unlimited gold, elixir, gems and more. This can improve your winning probability against all your opponent clans.
In the age of MMO games (massively multiplayer online games) there are several options for the gamers. But one game that has been popular among online multiplayer gamers is Clash of Clans. This strategy game has gained quite a big fan base in just three years. The addictive game consists of building towns and attacking other clans in the fighting mode.



Where does the need for private servers start?

In every game, the multiplayer online ones, the game resources give players an edge over the others. Every player struggles hard to collect resources in every possible way. In CoC, the main resources that players would have to gather are Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gems.

These are the factors that make the availability of these resources difficult and thus creating the need for private servers:

  • Gold can be found from gold mine and would require ample storage for storing the collected gold. So you would also have to keep upgrading your gold storage facility.
  • The same is the case with elixir collected by the elixir collectors.
  • Gems can be gained mainly through purchases within the app. The other methods to collect gems are pretty time consuming. Any CoC player would understand the pain of waiting to gather enough gems. Gems allow you to purchase a number of other resources but these can be available at a slow pace.

So to overcome all the above limitations, you need to use private server coc.

Using a clash private server:

Here are some of the positive aspects about using coc private server:

  • This helps you tap the full potential of the game. You need not wait to unlock levels and gather resources to use all the features of the games like you would have to do in the default game server. You can make use of all the features that would be offered in the Official game server.
  • In addition to being able to use all game features, gamers also get to access custom mods in the game. You would also be playing the game with a full load of gold, elixir and gems.
  • There are private server downloads exclusively available for iOS and Android versions of the game.
  • You would not have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy gems and other resources. This means that you can play your favorite clash of clans without worrying about spending any real money.
  • The install process is pretty straight forward. Once you download the private server pack on your mobile, you can play your game like always. This doesn’t change your gameplay experience in anyway. Of course, other than offering you unlimited resources.
  • Much similar to the case with the Supercell server, you are free to join and create clans without any restriction.
  • Attaining a TH11 war base would be much simpler and quicker with clash of clans private server
  • If you have friends who are in the same clan, private servers also allow you to have friendly battles with them.
  • Troop training is another big advantage with private servers. The time for training your troops and the process would be pretty fast with private servers. So you can get your troops up and about for a battle in seconds.

Thus by using a private server you gain access to everything that the game has to offer much like in Supercell server but without the need for spending any money from your pocket and without having to tediously gather all the resources.


Features to look for in a CoC Private server:

As there several gamers now rely on private servers to take their gaming experience to an all new level, there are several private servers available now. It is tough to pick out the right private server to play your game. To make your decision a bit easier, to help you choose a reliable server, here are a few aspects of the server you should look for before you install one on your mobile.

  • Look for the rooting requirements of the server. Some private servers offer all the features even without requiring you to jailbreak your device. Jailbreaking your device would void the warranty terms. So if you already have a jailbroken device or do not mind jailbreaking one, then many private servers are available. But those that offer a root free option are quite rare.
  • Check whether your private server receives timely updates. Regular updates on the private servers would ensure that they are on par with the official game server.
  • Some servers have a history of complaints about bugs and glitches that cause them to freeze. Server management is not a very easy task. So with the ever increasing number of players, even the top notch servers sometimes go haywire. So choose a consistent server. Look for one that doesn’t have the issues of unnecessary lag or downtimes.
  • Look for secure servers. Servers have to be secure not just from hackers but also from viruses and malwares. This would ensure that your gameplay and your game progress data would all remain unaffected.
  • Check for the up times of the server. Most servers come with preset maintenance times. Look for one that has a regular predetermined down time when the server would be offline. This would help you plan and play your game accordingly.

Some servers also come with additional benefits like improved graphics, some additional elements in the gameplay and the likes. Though these are not mandatory features in a private server, they can definitely give a competitive edge while you are comparing few servers.


Can you create your own private servers for CoC?

There are ways to create your own COC private server instead of searching for one or downloading one which is already available. This is one main reason why there are so many private server options out there. The problem rises with the dependability of the server.

You would have to jailbreak your device. Be it an iOS device you possess or an Android device, to create your private sever, you would have to first root it. The process of creating the actual sever would be pretty simple if you already have downloaded the server files. You would then require Host Editor in case of Android devices and iFile from Cydia in the case of iOS devices. But remember that the easier option is to use a private server switcher instead of having to take all these efforts.

What is coc private server switcher?

Finding the right server, like we have seen requires a lot of stringent evaluation. Instead of focusing your efforts on looking for reliable private servers and switching between them you can opt for server switchers. These are a boon in helping you save all the time and efforts taken in server switching.

There are plenty of Coc private server out there. But there are also plenty of players out there trying to connect to private servers. This further restricts the process of getting a private server for your game. How can you manage to gather all the unlimited resources and other game features then? The answer is coc private switcher. This helps to easily connect to coc private servers. Read on to find out how.

Evident from the name, a sever switcher is one that helps switching between servers. When you install coc private switcher, the application itself would take care of the process of searching for private servers and toggling between them as and when required. The best part is that, the download process is pretty simple. The application is pretty simple to download and use and it is also free.

What would the coc private switcher do for you?

When you are accessing a private server, the background process that happens is that your host file is modified. This would enable your device to be able to be connected with the remote private server instead of the actual official game server. By modifying your host file and connecting to an all new IP your game play features change. This is because the new server to which your version of the game on your mobile is connected now would allow your game to offer all locked features.

Different types of servers offer different benefits. Some of them offer unlimited resources once you login. Some of them come with a maximum amount of resources allowed per day. But this would definitely be a number much larger than that you would be able to actually gather by playing on the original server. What you usually do is look for private servers that already exist or take the time to create one yourself. This would mean that you would have to install a separate server each time and then proceed with the game.

So what does a private switcher or Coc Private server do? Instead of requiring you to install different private servers or to build one yourself and upload to the app store, the private switcher would itself search for available private servers. It would list down the options of available private servers ready to accept connections. You can then choose which one you wish to get connected to. In any stage if you wish to move to a different server, or if your current server suddenly crashes, your switcher is already ready with alternate options so that your game play would not be interrupted.

This application is free to download, straightforward to use and quick in searching and displaying the servers available for coc. If you try connecting to a server and your game doesn’t load, this would mean that the server you have chosen is perhaps not live at that time. Even in this case, with the advantage of the switcher, you have other servers to choose from and avail free gold, elixir and other resources.

If you have a modded server, your game stats would not affect your game in the original server. You could however wait a few minutes before closing the game to save the base. The modded base offered by private servers are often as good as the original ones. They are sometimes even better than the real ones. This means that you could play Clash of Clans without any restriction using Coc private server and avail all the game features and gather unlimited amount of resources and thus show off to your friends. All these you could do without having to spend any real money and without any complicated steps. Download the private switcher and get your game mode on. This gives the real clash of clan experience but with unlimited access to resources and access to locked features without requiring much of your time or efforts.

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